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Stick the Summer Slump–Get Happy!

June 2nd, 2011 admin

I hope the title of this post is cheesy enough for you, but rest assured I am serious about getting you out of your summertime slump–you don’t have to be miserable just because you’re spending the summer back home!

Sure, we’d all love to run off and find balance in some exotic foreign country à la Elizabeth Gilbert, heroine of Eat, Pray, Love–but most of us don’t have the time (or funds!) to drop everything and adventure into the wide wide world. So for the last couple months I’ve been sampling my way through a fantastic book, Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project–a book about how one woman took simple steps to make her life happier. Her steps are basic, but I’ve been trying a few, and they really work! Here are a few of my favorites:

Tackle a Nagging Task. You know that thing in the back of your mind–that little project you’ve been putting off for weeks (or months!)? Get it done. Whether it’s your annual checkup (ugh–I personally hate having my blood pressure taken) or cleaning out the chaos under your bed, get it done. It will take a little of the weight off your shoulders.

Remember Birthdays. You know how good it feels when someone remembers your birthday? Pass on that good feeling (with more than a wall-post on Facebook). All you have to do is shoot out an email to your BFFs asking for their birthdays and add them to your calendar (you can even have Google Calendar email you if you’re worried about forgetting). Making other people feel good can give you a nice mood boost, too.

Take Time for Projects. Don’t skip this idea if you’re not in to arts and crafts! All this means is to choose a goal, and make the time to do it. Always wanted to learn about photography? Skip some TV time and check out some library books, peruse photography blogs, or just play around with your camera. Trying to get a little healthier? Take a nutrition class, round up a running group, and make yourself a calendar to help chart your progress.

Laugh Out Loud. My Dad laughs out loud all the time, even if he is alone watching TV–I can hear him from across the house when I go home to visit–and it is part of what makes him so fun to be around. Too often we feel too self conscious to really let loose and laugh, but you know what? It feels good–I’d even say it can be kind of cathartic. So why not?

Want more ways to get happy? Pick up Rubin’s book at the library, or check out her blog,


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