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5 Ways to Get in Good with Your Parents This Summer

Worried about easing the transition between the freedom of living on your own and the three loooong months of summer with the parents? If you’re looking to keep on Mom and Dad’s good sides (so you can skip the weekly family trip to Aunt Ethel’s, maybe?), a little proactive behavior can go a long way. Here are 5 easy ways to remind your parents just how adult and responsible you are (so you can borrow the car for that date on Friday night).

Take Out the Trash. Seriously. Part of living at home (read: FREE RENT, FREE FOOD, FREE LAUNDRY!) is pitching in, and your parents will be pretty thrilled if you get down to work–especially if they don’t have to threaten you first! So take out the trash, keep the clutter to a minimum (at least in shared family spaces), and banish half-empty juice glasses before they mold. šŸ˜‰

Be Family Friendly. Whether or not they know how to express it, your parents are probably pretty excited to have you home–after all, they know they’ve only got a few summers left before you fly the coop for good. If you want to ditch the guilt trips about going out on the weekends, try setting up a time for quality family bonding. Initiating will not only make you look good (Wow! A college student who SUGGESTS family time?!), but also allows you to choose the time that works best for you. Sweet.

Cook Dinner. All year long you’ve been picking upĀ cheap & easy recipes even a kitchen newbie can handle (and I should know–I am no pro chef). Whip up an easy family meal (be sure you increase the recipe to feed more people!) and show Mom and Pop just how responsible you’ve become. Bonus points if you do the dishes afterward.

Siblings, Too. Show your parents you’re really making an effort (and give your sibs some love–after all, you left them home alone with the ‘rents!) by making a date for some sibling time, too. Older sibs can hit the beach or grab lunch, but if you’ve got little kids in the family, why not take them to a freebie kids movie (theaters likeĀ Regal offer them once a week all summer long). They get all the fun of the big screen, and you don’t have to spend a dime (or come up with ways to entertain them).

Talk the Talk. I’ve mentioned this before, butĀ talking (like an adult) with your parents is key if you want to be treated like an adult. Discuss what you’re hoping to get out of your summer, listen to what they want, and try to find a healthy, happy middle ground. I know this doesn’t sound fun, but the sooner you have this little chat the better–you’ll all want to know what to expect so you can get your head in the right place for an enjoyable (or at least bearable!) summer.

And just FYI, at least in my experience, a good hug now and then never hurts your case. šŸ˜‰


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Exam Prep: Your Finals Prep List

Doing a double-take when you walk past the calendar, lately? Why do finals weeks always creep up so quickly?

Well, even if you’ve still got some time left, this handy to-do list will help you prep for that week of seemingly endless studying. Just remember, it’s all leading up to summer break–you can do it!

All Talk

Before you hit the books, take a few minutes to get these important conversations out of the way:

  • Talk to Your Boss about time adjustments for studying and test taking.
  • Talk to Your Profs or TAs in office hours about any concepts you’ve been struggling with (the day before the test is too late!). If you don’t have a test, you can still stop by for help with an essay prompt or thoughts about topic ideas you’ve brainstormed for your paper.
  • Talk to Your Roommate about both of your study plans for finals week. You don’t want to be up and studying when the roomie is trying to sleep, or have to deal with a study group invading your room when you want some quiet time. Agree on scheduling and figure out alternative study spaces in case your room doesn’t work out all the time (library, coffee shop, common room, quad, etc.).

Stock Up

Ditch the junk food and alcohol (which happens to be aĀ depressant–you don’t want your brain or body slowing down during study time!) and pack your mini-fridge with these brain-and-body fueling snacks:

  • Apples are supposedly better than caffeine for a wakeup call. Plus they’re low-cal and yummy.
  • Trail mix is awesome because the dried fruit and nuts are super healthy (theĀ Mayo Clinic is a fan) and help keep you full, plus you get a little kick of sweet with the chocolate chips or M&Ms tossed in.
  • Whole grain cereal is a perfect midnight snack: munch on it dry or add some low-fat milk. Keep some on hand in case you forget to eat dinner (trust me, it can happen). Think low sugar–Cheerios, Grape Nuts, Chex, etc… But I bet you could get away with some Frosted Mini Wheats. šŸ™‚
  • Water, water, water. This should be your beverage of choice–being properly hydrated not only helps your body keep up its energy up but also (bonus!) helps your skin stay healthy.

Read On

Looking for study tips? Check out the SCL study archives! Here are a few posts to get you started:


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