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Five Cheap or Free Dates for Snow Days!

January 29th, 2010 admin

A blanket of snow isn’t a sentence to stay indoors! Get some warm (and water proof!) clothes on, and venture out for a snow-date with your honey (and then warm each other up afterward!). Let it snow!

1. Eskimo Kisses. Whether you have fond childhood memories of snow-fort building or you’re a complete newbie to the winter wonderland gig (like me!), I definitely recommend you get out there and build an igloo out of snow! (For faster work, make it a group-date, or just enjoy the time alone with your crush.) Be sure you pack your snow tightly before you hollow out a little room, and keep some structural “columns” inside to help hold it up. It will look magical lit up inside at night!

2. Snow Painting. Need another reason to get out and play in the snow? This is the only time yellow snow isn’t dangerous! 😉 Fill some spray bottles with water tinted with a few drops of food coloring. Write love notes. Paint each other’s portraits. Be ridiculous.

3. Sculptorades. Want to make a masterpiece like the one above (but maybe just a little bit smaller)? All you need is some time, a ton of snow, and a cardboard box. Use tools you have on hand, like a spatula, beach shovel, and tablespoon, to carve out your snow masterpiece. For more directions and tips, check out this article about snow sculpting. (Search Harbin Ice Festival for more inspiration!)

4. Icy Icee. Not into the whole freezing-to-the-bone bit, even for a date? Pick up some flavoring syrups at the grocery store (they work for Italian sodas, too–yum) and whip up your own custom snow cones (or cups, use whatever you’ve got.) Just make sure the snow is fresh so you don’t get any surprises. 😉

5. Candlelight. Take the traditional candlelit dinner to the next level–make clusters of glittering ice-candles and light up an outdoor mini-picnic. Start the day before and have everything ready when your crush arrives. I suggest warm-weather clothes and mittens, some quilts and something dry and waterproof (a simple tarp would be fine) to sit on. Skip the full-on dinner and do dessert instead (you can only brave the cold for so long). Gingerbread cookies and cocoa are a great start.


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