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3 Easy (FUN!) Ways to Meet New People in College

September 15th, 2009 admin

It’s easy to slip into a homesick slump after the initial adrenaline of moving out wears off, but don’t let yourself get bogged down with the blues–I’ve got three awesome ways to get your social life started right.

Go Clubbing… Sort of.

Want to learn how to knit, or play some intermural lacrosse, but your school doesn’t offer either? Head to the student center and start a club. Publicizing is easy on a college campus–there are billions of places to post fliers, many profs let you chalk info on one side of their lecture boards, RAs are willing and able to help, and then of course there are blogs, Tweets, and Facebook.

Here are some club ideas that took off at UCSD:

  • STITCH – A knitting/crocheting club focused on charity work. They taught members how to knit or crochet, then had sales of their goods (scarves, hats, etc.) each quarter, or gave away blankets to people or babies in need.
  • Muir Movie – Every year a bunch of students get together and make an independent film. They write scripts, do casting calls, film, edit, compose music–everything you can think of. And then of course they have an awesome premiere screening at the end of it all.
  • Inner-tube Water Polo – Indoor pools + inner-tubes + water polo. It is even more hilarious than it sounds.

And, bonus! Starting your own club looks great for leadership purposes, so you can add it to your scholarship apps and resumes!

TV Show Kick-Offs

It’s September, and while sadly that does mean homework has returned, it also means your favorite TV shows are starting to pop up with new seasons. Gather some like-minded people and some munchies and lay claim to your common room TV. Fav shows are great because they create common inside jokes and give you something to talk about once the show ends–plus you might get to sit next to that hottie from Chem for a full half an hour.

My Top Picks:

  • Project Runway; Started in August–catch up online
  • The Office; starts September 17th 9/8c
  • Fringe; starts September 17th 9/8c
  • Lost; starts January 2010
  • 24; starts January 2010

Want to watch a show/movie/video from online on your TV? It’s actually pretty easy, if you have the right stuff (and with so many people in the dorms, someone is bound to have what you need):

  • Find a laptop and TV with connection capability for an S-video, HDMI, Component, DVI, or VGA cable
  • For sound, either hook up your computer to the TV (you can use an iPod to Amp cable to hook this up, using the audio input on your TV and the headphone output on your laptop) or just get a good pair of computer speakers and set them up on either side of the TV, still connected to the laptop.

Did that make sense? If not, there are also instructions here.

Get Off Campus

Most college towns have a pretty good weekend scene, and depending on how urban or rural yours is, you could have a pretty wide variety of off-campus activities.

If you’re big city, there are probably hundreds of places you could go, but for suburban or small-town settings, start by checking out your student center or local community centers for cool stuff to do. One little club in downtown San Diego had swing dancing every Friday night, or you could get lessons for cheap at the community center in Balboa Park. There was always live music at one of the downtown restaurants, and in warmer weather there were outdoor movie showings. If you’re not big on nightlife, you could also try taking a class at a local YMCA, joining a book club at a local library, or signing up to volunteer somewhere. And obviously, if you do go out (especially at night) be smart and safe!

Okay, now get out there and make some friends!


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