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The College Student’s Guide to Going Home for the Holidays

December 16th, 2008 admin

Packing up to head home for winter break? This trip might be a little different than spending a weekend there–so here’s your guide to making it through the holidays!

Prepare Your Parents
Your parents are probably still used to you as their high school student, so the transition to the more independent you that you’ve made over the past couple months may be a little shock to their systems. (I remember my dad asking if he needed to wake me up in the morning–I asked him how he thought I’d made it to class everyday if I needed a wakeup call!)

Make a point of discussing with your parents what they expect. Will your curfew be reinstated (and can you get it moved later)? Do they have family time scheduled that you should pencil into your plans? Is Mom going to be okay with you bringing home all your laundry?

Call, chat, text, or email, but just make sure you all know what to expect to make this visit fun & comfortable for everyone.

Schedule Your Fun
These precious weeks off will pass quickly, so be sure you plan out a few days to fit in those things you really want to do at home (don’t get sucked into using up your whole break on extra sleep and back-to-back sessions of Guitar Hero!)

So schedule a lunch meeting with your friends from high school, make time to play soccer with your little brother, and choose a day to get those last minute gifts bought and wrapped!

Make Some Cash

A few years away from home have probably opened your eyes to the expenses of independence, so take advantage of this homework-free time and earn some money! Check out this article I wrote about how to make money over winter break and my boss’s 5 ways to earn cash for college over at our sister site, the Pay for College Blog.

Re-stock for Next Semester
You know how you forgot your Foo Fighters CD, ate all of your Easy Mac, and just realized how badly you need that coat in the back of your closet at home? Well now is the time to re-stock for your next stint of school! Gather everything you need (and ask mom for help with that Easy Mac dilemma–they have a huge case at Costco!) and get packed up to go back well-prepared.

Happy Holidays–enjoy the time off!

photo: Suitcases by bb_matt

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