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OEDB’s 100 Ways Your iPod Can Help You Learn

March 17th, 2008 admin


You take your iPod with you everywhere anyway-why not put it to work? The Online Education Database has compiled a list of 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn. Though it gets a little repetitive (there is some overlap between the categories) there are still a surprising number of resources I was completely unaware of-it’s worth a look. Here are some of my favorites from their list:

1. Spark Notes. I don’t know how I would have made it through school without Spark Notes or Pink Monkey. Now you can download Spark Notes text & audio for your iPod, so you can listen & study anywhere. Titles cost about $3.95 apiece-not bad if you’re in a fix!

2. Free Classic Audiobooks & Librivox. Want to get more done? How about listening to your reading assignments while you’re driving, working out, or cleaning your room. Both these sites offer free (yay!) downloads of audio books, so you can get your lit homework done without ever cracking a book.

3. Steadman’s Medical Terminology Flash Cards. If you’re prepping for med school, or even struggling through your pre-med or bio major, these could be really helpful. Learning the roots of l terms makes it so much easier to understand words you’ve never heard before; having flash cards on your iPod means no shuffling through a deck (or losing random cards!)

4. iGadget. This neat bit of software can turn your iPod into way more than a music/video player-it lets you download a list of gas prices in your area, driving directions, Outlook info like calendars and contacts, and RSS feeds. It also makes it easy to reverse sync, so you can put all the music from your iPod back onto your computer.

5. Budget Travel’s Podcasts. This won’t really help you study, but it might just help you prepare for a little Spring Break vacation-for-less. Check out their podcasts with insider tips to help you soak up the fun of Las Vegas or Miami.

For the OEDB’s complete list of iPod add-ons and downloads for students, click here.

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