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Five College New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Involve the Gym!

January 3rd, 2008 admin

It’s the same thing every year–somehow I always make resolutions that I can’t (or, okay, don’t) follow through with (like the infamous “Go to the gym 5x a week!!!”). I do like having the opportunity to start over, though, especially on the school front, so here are a few college goals that you CAN (and should!) follow through with:

  1. Go to Class, and REALLY Be There
    It’s a big temptation to spend class, doodling, checking your email, reading as many blogs as possible, or researching the lowest price on tickets for the next Ben Lee concert. But if you really make yourself pay attention to the lecture, it will make studying WAY easier! Try to be passionate about what you’re learning-it will probably help you boost your grades! (See also: How to Stay Awake in Class!)
  2. Get to Know at Least One Professor
    There are so many good reasons to get to know some of your professors! They can be great contacts for tutoring and TAing positions, they can write you letters of recommendation for scholarships and grad school, and they can help you with coursework. It just takes a little of your time, so why not go to office hours once a week, send some helpful email suggestions about the class, or even just ask some questions about the homework!
  3. Become More Financially Savvy
    Financial experts agree that your teens and early twenties can have a major impact (good or bad!) on your later life. So take a closer look at your finances this year! Find creative ways to save money, learn what a credit score is and how to build it, guard your spending habits, know the difference between private and federal student loans, and maybe even think about how to save a little for later.
  4. Know Your Deadlines
    One of the best things I ever did in college was to make a simple list of all my due dates for the quarter. When I got home on the first day, I took out all my syllabi, found all the due dates, and typed them up in order. Then I tacked it above my computer, and crossed off each item as I finished it. It was SO simple, but it helped me make sure I was never surprised by a paper or test.
  5. Find Something to be Passionate About
    Whether it’s a class, a club, a language, or anything in between, find something on campus to be passionate about. It will give you a goal to strive for, and something to look forward to during long study hours. That’s a pretty easy one, right? 🙂

Happy New Year!!!

photo road trip 1 by markmiller

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